What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a process that allows two parties to sit together and resolve a conflict in order to save the costs of a legal battle. Divorces that are mediated are processed faster and are more cost-effective Mediation allows the parties to have their interests and needs met whilst avoiding litigation. Our mediators have a background of law, psychology and negotiation techniques so that emotional and financial negative effects are minimised.

About Us

There are many couples who have reached a point where they know they
need a divorce. They want to be fair with each other, and that their
divorce can be uncontested. They want to avoid spending a lot of money
on lawyers, but they also want some professional guidance to finalize
their agreement and to prepare all the paperwork needed to get an
uncontested divorce judgment. Wright Family Law Group is proud to
offer Exhale Divorce Mediation™ which is the mediation branch our
practice that is fully dedicated to out-of-court solutions for divorcing
couples. We are true believers in alternatives to litigation, and we are
eminently qualified to walk you through the options and help you resolve
your disputes.

WHY Wright Family Law Group?

Consider the benefits our experienced attorneys helping with a lower
cost mediation option for your divorce.

Save Your Time

Litigation is time consuming. Save countless hours wasted in court by reaching an agreement for settlement with the mediation process.

Save Serious $

Finances are already stretched thin in almost all divorce situations. Mediating your case can save a substantial amount of money over the course of your divorce.

Experienced Attorney

Our attorneys have decades of experience helping families and resolving cases. We are experts in dispute resolution.

You Don’t Have to Fight: Mediating Your Massachusetts Divorce

Mediation is less costly, less adversarial and quicker than a court battle. It puts the solutions in your hands letting you take ownership and empowering you in the process. However, not all mediators are lawyers. Our certified mediators are also experienced courtroom attorneys and we bring legal knowledge and practical insights to the mediation process that non-attorney mediators do not. Effective solutions come from understanding the law, knowing what a judge would likely do and realizing when and why negotiations break down.

The attorneys at Wright Family Law Group are certified divorce mediators, drawing on over 25 years of combined experience litigating, mediating and settling divorce cases. We conduct mediations throughout Middlesex and Essex Counties.

What Are the Advantages of Divorce Mediation?

Couples who choose mediation to settle their divorce can avoid a costly and protracted court battle. This allows them to save a significant amount of money and usually complete the process much more quickly. Other potential benefits of divorce mediation include:

  • Confidentiality: A mediated divorce stays private and confidential and does not appear in the public court record.
  • Flexibility: Participants have far greater control over the process, allowing them to come up with creative and practical solutions to fit their needs.
  • Amicable Resolution: Divorce mediation occurs in a cooperative rather than combative setting, which allows participants to work together toward a more peaceful solution.
  • Better for Children: Divorce is always hard on children, but it is far less stressful when the parents choose to work together to resolve their differences.
  • Higher Compliance Rate: Mediation empowers participants to develop their own agreement, and because they play a major role in its creation, there is a far greater chance the parties will comply with the final settlement.

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I have again turned to Wright Family Law to assist me with custody proceedings. Ellen’s responsiveness, knowledge and authenticity during a complex divorce case kept me stable and successful. Ellen and her team were always engaged when needed.


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Attorney Ellen Wright completed my complicated divorce quickly and with a favorable outcome. I found her to be knowledgeable and compassionate. To sum her up…. I felt like I was represented by a top Boston lawyer minus the high fees. I highly recommend her.



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Divorce is always stressful for spouses and their children. With mediation, however, the stress can be reduced, and the process can be completed more quickly and affordably. We have helped numerous couples resolve their divorce through mediation. If you believe this process may be right for you, contact our office today at
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